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Fiction Rec List -- updated!

MCR Fic Recs
If you read this list and see that I have failed to add an amazing peice of fiction, comment and let me know. Also if anyone has any Frank/Bob, Mikey/Bob, or Gerard/Bob please let me know! Thanks and happy reading!!!
UPDATED and MODIFIED Jan. 12th 2008
* = Highly Recommended
**=Newly Added
Une Femme N’est Pas Un Homme *(series) -- NC-17 – HET
Chlorine -- R – One-shot -- Poolboy!Frank
Life on the Rumor Scene -- R – Near AU
Boys Like Us -- R – Chaptered -- Near AU (sequel Boys Unlike Us on fandomnation)
Cold Tiles -- R(?) – Chaptered – Gerard gets held hostage at a 7-11.
Fear Of Falling -- NC-17 – One-shot – little fluff/little angst
Home Is A Name *-- R – AU -- Part of Arsenic's Wednesday-verse. The free clinic.
Me, I’m Not -- R – One-shot – Affair!fic
Jealousy -- NC-17 – One-shot – Jealousy is a bitch.
I Dream Of Genie -- R/NC-17 -- Crack!fic/Genderswap
Sparkle Motion -- R/NC-17 – One-shot -- “I’m sure you’re an excellent lover.”
Test Drive -- NC-17 -- One-shot – Car shopping.
Teach Me Art / Art Imitates Life -- R/NC-17 – AU -- Chaptered/Sequel – Teacher/Student affair.
I’m In Your Head || part2 -- R – AU -- Mutant Academy
The Sky-High City ** -- PG-13 -- One-shot -- After the band ends Frank has trouble adjusting.(With bonus Frank/Jamia)
After *** -- R -- AU -- Post apocalsype and beyond gorgeous.

Cruel To Be Kind -- R – One-shot – AU – Mikey needs to stand up for himself.
The House Of Way -- R – AU -- Inspired by Poe's The House of Usher
Wayward -- NC-17 – Standalone – AU – Texas Chainsaw-esque (pretty fucked up!).

All We Are (Is Bullets, I Mean This) -- R— CULTVERSE – really fucking creepy.
Live with It -- PG-13 – Standalone
My Brother’s Blood Machine -- R – Chaptered – Unrequited Love
This Is Where I Stand *-- R – One-shot – Gerard/Mikey relationship from other’s POV

Mix Tape *-- R – Chaptered – High school to MCR

So Good -- NC-17 – One-shot -- Frank's trying to read.

Hold Still -- NC-17 – Chaptered – Hairstylist!Frank/Jepha/Quinn -- BDSM

Finding Love the Easy Way -- R – AU – One-shot (very cute!).


The Abject Pleasure of an Abject Mind -- NC-17 – Two parts – Love Triangle/Revenge (pretty twisted).

Frank/Mikey & Gerard/Ray/Bob
The Watch ** -- R(?) -- "Gay Anti-Mafia AU with threesomes and betrayals and Fighting (because my love is PURE, Chow Yun Fat!) starring My Chemical Romance with bonus Pete/Patrick."

Life on the Fashion Scene  ***-- PG -- MCR&Bandom/Project Runway AU crossover (or, the best thing since sliced bread.)


Oct. 29th, 2007

Please, please read THIS.
It's sad and good and weird and gorgeous. I wish I had a better vocabulary to describe it. Gah.

Um, excuse me while I caught my breath. *clears throat*

Okay. So. Kinda freaked out over
Good job on the comeback!!

1.Is there a song that you hear (not an mcr one) that makes you think of the boys or just one of them?
Lapse by Envy on the coast. Brillant and heartbreaking. Doesn't hurt that they say chemical like 4 times.
edit: sharing is caring!

2. Do you have a OTP (One True Paring) in fan fic for the boys? If so, who?
I'm a sucker for Mikey/Frank but Frank/Bob are a close, close second. Its just like me to want to read the one of the most underwritten pairings, isn't it?

3. Is there anything that the boys (or one of them) has said that's really annoyed you or made you think WTF?
Only half the shit Gerard spews from his trap!! He is the master of WTF speechs.
Oh and that interview where Frank says that girls don't have personalities. I try to tell myself that thats not really what he meant. We all know how he stumbles over his words somethings. Right, RIGHT??

4. Is there an MCR song that just plain annoys you? If so which one and why?
Yeah, um, the chorus to Sharpest Lives just kinda annoys me. When I listen to it I feel like I'm back in '86 or something. Reminds me of something Bon Jovi would write.

5. Post your favourite picture of the group
1. Day or Night?

2. Night of the Living Dead or Hellraiser?
night of the living dead

3. Romantic Night In or Wild Night Out?
romantic night in

4. Organic or Chemical?
splenda is your friend unless it gives you cancer than too bad

5. Cats or Dogs??
dogs  but i've always wanted a cat


1. Ok so the boys are all on a break. Taking a holiday, relaxing etc..... Where's your favourite place to take a holiday?
Kentucky is always nice but really anywhere thats not Virginia.

2. Have you bought any thing that you've seen the boys in just because you've seen the boys in it? If so what was it?
I don't think so.

3. Our Gee is Teetotal, Franks a vegetarian. Have you given anything up? Was it the boys that inspired you to do so?
WTF is teetotal, you mean TEA? Um well no but I have been thinking of giving up pork and red meat.

4. Which do you prefer? Vampires or Werewolves?
Pirates! Okay, vampires.

5. "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" Have you ever taken revenge on anyone? Was it sweet?
The best revenge is being yourself and not apologizing for it.

Because I know I'll forget

Tomorrow is Mikey Way's birthday. The little motherfucker is turning 27. (Now he can start panicking.)
It's not  that big a deal really but whatever. I feel bad cause I didn't post anything for Toro's birthday but it was my birth month too so I was a little preoccupied with feeling like the world was ending because I was turning the dreaded 19!! That's not that big of a deal either but what can you do.

Someone tell me how shitty the VMAs are this year. I refuse to watch. I'm boycotting.

1. Do you have any My Chem ringtones?
No but guess who does...my dear old Mom. She's got Welcome to The Black Parade as her ONLY ringtone and fuck is it annoying!

2. Are there any tour posters or pictures of the band hanging up in your room? If so, how much of your room does it cover? (pictures optional)
I use to have one until I got to college and now I'm kinda worried about putting it up because I'm afraid it'll scare my roommate. Gerard's pretty pasty in it.

3. What other fandoms--if any-- do you also belong to?
Um, other than this lovely drama filled monster of a fandom, none really.

4. The boys have serious Jersey pride; how proud are you of how/where you grew up?
Not proud at all. Where I'm from is full of ignorant, hypocritical assholes. Not exactly something I'm proud of and wanna get tattoo'd.
Not to mention Bush lovers. Yuck!

5. What will be the one thing you will always remember about Projekt Revolution 2007?
Going with my bestest Mo and have the time of my life! It really was one of the most amazing shows I've been to. Oh, and Frank.