...I got my own hell to raise...

you're a husky little thing, aren't you?
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Name's Ayjay.
WHAT I AM twenty, biracial, college dropout, curvy, five foot five, shoe whore, myopic, too nice for my own good, good small talker, bandslasher, reader, something-like-a-writer, daydreamer, lost...
WHAT I LISTEN TO envy on the coast, flyleaf, my chem, cobra starship, gym class heroes, panic at the disco, alicia keys, pixies, clipse, queen, led zeppelin, the used, leathermouth, david costa, misfits, circa survive, thrice, fiona apple, taking back sunday, arctic monkeys, amy winehouse,
WHAT I WATCH project runway, the l word, big love, fuse, true life, law & order, grey's anatomy, lots of movies
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Sidecars are for bitches.
; Sam 'Garden State'
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most amazing place i've ever been...

'airwalks not vans!', 'otpromiscuous', alfredo, asshatery, bandslash, being a complete dork, bendy wives, bob motherfuckin bryar, bob/pete, bob/ray, bob/spencer, concerts concerts concerts!, disney movies, fbr/dd, femmeslash, flip flops, flousdeslignes, frank/gerard as soulmates=srsbsnss!, frank/mikey, genderfuckery, gray's anatomy, green tea ginger ale, greta/anybody, greta/brian, gsf, hippies and gay cowboys, historical!au, it's the same plot!, jon/brendon, jon/ryan, mangoes, mikey scion, not-so-hetero-life partner, patrick/gerard, pete/spencer, pornfiction, punctuation, queer as folk, raygun jones!, romantic comedies, s//c means family, seafood, sewing, sleeping hardcore, spencer/brendon, spencer/jon, tattoos, that's alot of porn, the gayer the better, the l word, umbrella academy, unicorgies, unicorns named frankle mikeykins, vicky-t ftw